As the founding Academy of the Trust, Royal Wootton Bassett Academy holds a unique role in its local community and is widely recognised not only for its academic achievement but also for the huge commitment to its local community.

The qualities and values of Compassion, Respect and Ambition are those which are essential in RWBAT and we are dedicated to ensuring every pupil achieves above and beyond their potential with secure and enduring relationships with and within each Academy in the Trust.

  • We offer Compassion – to understand and recognise the needs of the many members and stakeholders of each Academy whose lives will be enhanced and enlightened through their experiences in and out of the classroom.
  • We seek and offer Respect for the traditions, knowledge and experiences gained over many years in our Academies through developing and supporting both staff as they progress their careers in school and pupils on leaving school.
  • We seek and hold Ambition for our RWBAT community for the future, its economic development, its safety, its ability to thrive, to be a great place to learn and to work and to have a vibrant educational community with amenities for all age groups.

We recognise there will be demands of time, patience, and resilience as the work of RWBAT progresses, but with our Chief Executive Officer, Members, Trustees, Governors, Staff and the Leadership team of RWBAT we will deliver ‘Excellence in Education’ through Compassion, Respect and Ambition.


The overall aim of RWBAT is to deliver school improvements and associated outcomes for all the Academies within the Trust.

Success for each Academy will be achieved through delivering on key objectives;

  1. To deliver a 21st Century Curriculum which engages, excites and delivers attainment for pupils to move beyond their potential whatever their starting point.
  2. To offer an inclusive Admissions Policy.
  3. To raise the levels of educational outcomes of all pupils.
  4. To engage and empower communities to contribute to the life of their Academy.
  5. To commit to safeguarding and promoting the physical and emotional welfare of every pupil, inside and outside the school premises.
  6. To build an outstanding, professional workforce across all disciplines within RWBAT.
  7. To conduct stringent and rigorous financial management and achieve value for money.
  8. To deliver strong governance and leadership through support, challenge and guidance for each Academy through the tiered structure of the RWBAT Board.