CEO & Academies Executive Leadership Team

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), accountable to the Board of Trustees, has the strategic responsibility for the leadership and management of Academies in RWBAT in achieving the strategic aims set by the Board of Trustees. The CEO is charged to deliver the highest performance standards in teaching and learning, attainment, achievement, and curriculum development whilst ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of corporate services for each academy within RWBAT.


RWBAT Academies Leadership Team, led by the CEO of RWBAT, is composed of Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers and Managers of core functional areas of RWBAT. This Executive Leadership team is committed to engaging directly with all academies within RWBAT to address needs, challenges and support whilst also creating and developing school improvement initiatives and practices that lead to outstanding performance.  

Academy Leadership Team

Each Academy is led by the Academy Headteacher who is supported by Deputy Headteachers and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) within the Academy. The Headteacher and the SLT have key responsibilities and accountability for the performance standards achieved and activities within the Academy under the RWBAT Scheme of Delegation.

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